Michele Grazioli


“He says he can find a solution to any problem”
“well, it could be, but he loose his car keys twice per day”

Michele Grazioli

Something about him
Michele Grazioli

Michele Grazioli
Founder & CEO of Divisible AI

When he was a child, Michele wanted to know how many candies he could buy with the money in his pocket. So he started approaching math, also participating in international math challenges.

Then, he wanted to know how much housework to do in order to afford a certain amount of candies; in this way, he discovered predictive models.

He started dealing with AI concepts before being a teenager and he launched his first company when he was at High School.

He is currently the CEO of Divisible AI, besides being on the board of directors of many other companies. He has worked for several national and international companies as clients, and along his entrepreneurship activities, he takes many lectures all around the world to make people understand what Artificial Intelligence really is.

But, after all, he only wanted to buy some candies.

More pieces of information on Michele are available on his personal website.

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